Terms & Conditions

1.      You will get automatically order number, when you make order confirmation. Include the order number along with the subsciber's name in the news when you transfer a          payment.

2.      We accept :

        Bank Transfer

3.      The new order will be processed and sent when payment is made an accepted by REVOLVER.INV via our Bank..

4.      Delivery using courier service from JNE from 1 - 6 days

5.      You can check or trace your goods directly to TIKI / JNE , when you accept the tracking Number in our invoice.

6.      For payment by bank transfer, the order will only be processed if payment has been received. If the payment have, but it has not been listed into our account, we will                  delaye the processing order after we receive your payment for your order. NOTES : inter-Bank payment takes 1 - 3 days to works.

7.      If after three days we doesn't receive payment or any confirmation, we have to cancel your order.

8.      We Send the highest quality product and has to be checked before being packed in advance.

9.      If you have any suggestion or question, please contact us via form at CONTACT US menu at business hours Monday - Friday / 08.00 - 18.00 , or you can directly email us